Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Making it Happen

2013 and what (I hope) It will bring…

1 – I am praying Akshay gets his Visa and quick…we both need to escape Scotland for a few weeks!
2 – A good break in Mumbai spending time with family and friends.
3 – A wedding date; we are hoping for a Mumbai wedding in January or February 2014. Who knows, maybe a very cheesy Valentines wedding!
4 – Good health… major alcohol cut downs and less takeaway’s on top of the list. Must also make sure we make the most of our gym memberships as thus far they have been a waste!
5 – Amazing memories… my Christmas gift was the new Samsung Galaxy camera which basically puts all my previous digital cameras to shame. My aim is to document all the nice things that happen and share them on here, Facebook and keep prints of any real keepers.
6 – Long hair and good skin… vanity section!... I want to look my finest before meeting everyone in India and even more so I want to be a GOOD looking bride!
7 – And finally and most importantly, I hope that all my wonderful family and friends get everything they are hoping for, whether it be a job, a house, a partner, a holiday, a car, or better health…I want everyone to be happy and fulfilled with no regrets.

And hey, while I’m on the subject, I guess winning the lotto wouldn’t be the worst thing on the planet – note to self…
Buy a ticket!!

I saw a cool/corny resolution online somewhere, where someone decided to write down something good that happened to them each day for a year and put it into a jar… I might try this one myself as I think it can be very easy to be negative and only focus on the bad which of late I have been pretty guilty of…

Just a thought.


  1. "I love these! but i don't get a bouquet i dont think... :( on Bride Bouquets
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    That sucks! Can you have one at the reception in Edinburgh?

  2. I could but I won't be walking down an aisle...I guess I can get nice centre pieces :)