Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bollywood Hen Nights

Today I have been given a new exciting project to work on. I am a qualified dance/fitness instructor and run Zumba classes during the week. Today I was asked to run two Bollywood Hen Nights, one in February and one in April.

I'm already excited and getting ideas together for fun, easy to follow choreography for the girls, and I am fairly sure I know what song I will use for the first one (possibly both)...

Desi Girl from the movie Dostana. It's by far my favourite song, good beats and you can't help but dance when you hear it.

I will try and think of ways to make the 90 minutes as exciting as I can - I am considering doing a little mash up of songs as Desi Girl is quite long, so can do half of that and maybe something else like Deewangi.

A bonus of this job, is being paid to do something I love - you can't really beat the joy of dance and it's rewarding seeing people enjoy what you do too!

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