Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 - The Year of the V-I-S-A!

I wanted to start this blog to document the new start to my life. I'm 22 years old, I've lived in Edinburgh all my life, and am now engaged to the best man I can imagine. Akshay. I won't go into details of last year, 2012, the year that we met. Instead I will begin recording my transformation from Single Scot to Domestic Desi Wife in 2013!

It is January 7th, and the saving has officially begun for our big fat INDIAN wedding... excited as we are, we can't yet set a date until Akshay receives his new Visa to stay in the UK... assuming he receives his new Visa to stay in the UK...

This is a nightmare to say the least.

During the wait, we will satisfy our cravings for India by making yummy prawn, lamb and chicken curry whilst watching as many Bollywood movies as possible in vain hope that I will one day be able to form a good conversation with my mother in law in Hindi after making her a delicious meal that even she would be proud of.

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